If you are passionate about achieving your dream and increasing your income, in any field or profession you find yourself, then this courses are for you. Our selected courses are professional related, which are in high demand by companies, Non-profit organizations and private individuals for effective implementation of their businesses. With exception of Social Work, the other courses are not thought in Universities, but are in high demand in the labour market.
The course duration depends on the student, you can finish your reading and write examination within two weeks of starting the program.
The courses will build your skill, in the area of study you have chosen from among our courses and increase your ability to get a lucrative job in the Non-governmental sector, companies and also enable you to start your own business with ease.
As a graduate of SOS your chances of getting a good job is high as most of the courses we offer in our school is in high demand; but there are no conventional school that offers them, with exception of Social Work. We also support our graduate students to get employment, through letter of introductions and request for job placement from organizations and continuous guidance and mentoring in the industry through social networks forums (WhatsApp, Facebook and school online forum)
Yes, you will be issued a certificate in any of the courses you undertake (Diploma in Salesmanship, Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management, Diploma in M&E, and Diploma in Social Work) after about 30 40hrs of study and a pass in your assessment examination.
The school has taken that into consideration as we offer both class room lectures and distance learning using the same course content which allows you to study at your own pace and convenience before taking the assessment examination.
No, the School certificate cannot be faked as every student has a unique identifier ID number which can be verified on our website by employers or individuals.
The answer is yes. This is an additional certificate to your University degree, which gives you an edge as the training builds your skills in any of our various courses and gives you an edge to present yourself during job interviews and also enable you carry out your duties based on your improved skills on the subject matter.
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Our Vision

A society where business thrive through effective salesmanship and enterprise management.

Our Mission

To maximize organizational profitability, through building skills of salesmen to increase sales of product and services.