The School of Salesmanship (SOS), is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, with registration number RC 1438763 and affiliated with Kings University College, Ghana. The School offers both online and class room lectures in Salesmanship, Entrepreneurship Management, Social Work and Monitoring and Evaluation. Our courses, which are very much in high demand in the labour market, have limited number of institutions offering them. The School exists to build capacities in two major areas, which includes Business (Salesmanship and Entrepreneurship Management) and Development work (Social work and Monitoring & Evaluation). The purpose of the trainings is to build the capacity and skills of youths and adults to reduce unemployment and business failure in the Country. And also help persons who want to gain employment into the Non-governmental Organization (NGO) an opportunity to learn basic skills in Social work and Monitoring and Evaluation.


Most persons are interested in working with the Non-governmental sector either as a volunteer or staff in Social work or M&E but no basic knowledge, while others have the knowledge, but no qualifications to back their experience.


Salesmanship is a skill required in all sectors and areas of life to sell your self, product or services. This is the reason, why everyone in all works of life need to build their skills in selling.


This is another skill that is very important which many people ignore, that is why most businesses do not stand the test of time. It is one thing to start a business, it is another to be able to manage it. It is not all about learning a vocational skill, the question is how do you manage it?.

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Our Vision

A society where business thrive through effective salesmanship and enterprise management.

Our Mission

To maximize organizational profitability, through building skills of salesmen to increase sales of product and services.