Welcome to SOS Agent portal.

A School Of Salesmanship (SOS) sales agent is a freelancer who is either in a gainful employment or unemployed. Being an SOS sales agent, affords you the opportunity to earn extra income.


Agents get paid for enrolling students to do any of our online courses. An agent pays the sum of ₦8, 500 to enroll a student instead of ₦10, 500, thereby making the sum of ₦2,000 for every student enrolled. In a month, an agent can make as much as ₦100,000 for enrolling 50 students.

In a situation, where a student registers through the agent referral link, the agent gets paid #2000 x the total number of students registered under his/her link at the end of every month.


Step 1

Click on the agent portal, fill all the necessary information and pay the compulsory agent fee of ₦3,000 with your ATM. After payment of the agent fee, your email and password will be activated. Have an account? Sign in or Don't have an account? Sign up.

Step 2

All agent are required to have an initial capital of at least ₦10,000 in their bank account, as they will be required to make payment through their ATM for each student, while the student either pays cash or make bank transfer to the agent.

Step 3

On completion of payment, agent MUST click on complete registration for the student portal to be activated. The student is expected to check his or her email for username and password to log into the student portal to upload passport and download lecture materials.

Step 4

If an already registered student want to study another course, the agent should click on My Students on his portal, after which he/she will see the list of all student registered under him. The agent clicks on add another course on the student name and select the new course before making payment.